Thousands of Iranians protest against IRGC’s financial institutions! [Video]

Source: Youtube

Below four videos about the huge protest held in Tehran, few days ago: from all Iran arrived in the capital thousands of people, in order to protest against the corruption of the financial institutions, especially the one connected to IRGC and Hezbollah. People chanted slogans against the regime, against the Central Bank, against Rouhani and also against the Iranian presence in Syria.


Is Iranian regime ready to put ex President Khatami under house arrest?

Source: Saham News

The website Saham News revealed that the Iranian security forces surrounded the residence of former President Khatami, forbidding him to leave his house. Few hours after the deployment, the security forces left the area, permitting to Khatami to go out. In any case, this news is very important, because could mean that – in any moment in the next future – the regime could decide for put Khatami under house arrest, like it happened in February 2011 to Mousavi and Karroubi. The action of the security forces arrived after the decision of the Iranian magistrature to forbid to Khamenei the possibility to take part to public events for three months. More interesting, the fact happened even if few days ago, for the first time, Khatami has expressed his support to IRGC, after the speech of Trump

Iranian security forces deployed around the residence of ex President Ahmadinejad


The Iranian website, close to Ahmadinejad, revealed that the in area of the resident of the former President, were deployed members of the security forces and the intelligence. The website did not give more information, at least for the moment. In the meantime, from the same website, Ahmadinejad published a special message to the IRGC, after the speech of US President Trump. In his message, Ahmadinejad praised the Revolutionary Guards, and their attitude to sacrifices and martyrdom.

Iran deploys tanks and Pasdaran in the Kurdistan Province

Source: Facebook PDKI

Despite the words of Ali Shamkhani, who said that Tehran is not worried about the pro independence protests in the Iranian Kurdistan, the regime has decided to deploy tanks and Pasdaran in the Kurdish cities. The PDKI – Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan – published a video and pictures of the deployment on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Nasrallah reveals: “I’ve convinced Khamenei to intervene in Syria”

Source: arabi21

Speaking in the annual event in the occasion of the preparation of the Ashura, the Secretary of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, revealed that he was the person who convinced the Iranian Supreme Leader, to intervene in Syria. It seems that, meeting Khamenei in Tehran, Nasrallah warned him that the end of the Assad’s regime, will mean not only the fight in Hermel, Baalbek, Dahiya, Ghazieh and Bekaa, but also inside Iran, in particular in areas like Kerman, Khuzestan and Tehran.
The words of Nasrallah remind what was said by IRGC Vice Commander, Hossein Salami, few months ago. Speaking in a TV interview – see the video in Farsi on the top – Salami said that Iran decided to act in Syria, in order to defend its foothold in the Mediterranean region. Because, losing Syria, will mean losing the chain which connects the front between Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Iraq: Hezbollah tried to kill Shia cleric Fadhil al-Bedeiri [Video]

Source: al-Arabiya

Iraqi Shia cleric, Ayatollah Fadhil al-Bedeiri was hospitalized in al-Sader Teaching Hospital in Najaf, after a failed attempt to kill him by Hezbollah supporters. The Ayatollah denounced that he was attacked by an armed group on Tuesday night, and that this group throw grenades against his convoy. Ayatollah Fadhil al-Bedeiri recently criticized the agreement between Lebanese Army – Hezbollah and Isis. The Shia cleric, speaking from the hospital, added that, since his attack to Hezbollah’s pact with Isis, he received a number of threatening messages from supporters of Hezbollah.

Iranian press agency close to IRGC reveals details of North Korea’s targets, in case of war against US

Source: Tasnim News

The Iranian press agency Tasnim News, close to the Pasdaran, reveals that, in case of war with United States, Pyongyang will attack first Japan and South Korea, with “50 nuclear warheads”. In particular, North Korea will target the major cities and military installations of Seoul and Tokyo. More, Tasnim News says that, in order to hit the Guam Island, the North Korean missile will fly over Japanese cities of Shiman, Horishima and Kochi, and will reach Guam soil in 1065 seconds (around 17 minutes).

Iran IRGC commander admits: “30% of the fighters that we sent in Syria, were killed or injured”

Source: Youtube

In this video, it is possible to listen IRGC Brig. Gen. Hamid Abazari, speaking about the foreign fighters that Iran sent to Syria, to fight for the Assad’s regime. He admits that, for every 10 fighters sent in Syria, at least “2 or 3 of them were killed or injured”. This means that at almost 30% of the Shiite jihadists sent to Syria, did not return back home…

Another Afghan minor killed in Syria fighting for the Pasdaran. Now UN must condemn Iran!


His name was Seyed Mostafa Hosseini, he was a member of the IRGC Fatemiyoun Division – the one composed by “Afghan volunteers” – and he was only 15 years old when he was killed in Syria, while fighting for Bashar al Assad. Hossein was buried in the Martyrs Cemetery of Isfahan. As well known, the UN Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, forbids the involvement of children in hostilities and conscription into armed forces. Iran has signed the optional Protocol in 2010. But, as demonstrated today and in other occasion, Iran violated this Protocol many times, using minors for military proposes. It is time for the United Nation to take a clear position, and to condemn the Iranian regime for these violations!