Iran: Basij organized fake funeral for Iran Deal, in the University of Shiraz

Source: Digarban

After the renewal (for 10 years) of the new US sanctions against Iran, the Basji students, decided to organize a fake funeral for the Iran Deal. Hassan Rouhani asked to Barack Obama to veto on the new sanctions, despite the fact that there is no connection between the JCPOA and the sanctions against the Islamic Republic, recently approved by the US Congress.


Arab media: Iran ready to send 40,000 Afghan Shia jihadists in Aleppo

Source: Arabi21; Arabi21

Arabi 21 published an article in which it says that, in the training camps of Tehran, Mashhad and Kerman, there are around 40,000 Afghan Shia jihadists, ready to join the fights in Aleppo, enlisting in the so called Vatmeon Brigade. These jihadists received the promise to obtain the Iranian and Syrian citizenships. In particular, in order to obtain the Syrian citizenship, the Afghans will need to fight for Bashar al Assad at least for two years. Today, there are already neighborhoods in Damascus almost totally inhabited by Shia Afghans. The article also contain another video produced by Iranian Pasdaran, in order to convince the Afghans Hazara to join the Vatmeon Brigade. In the meantime, the State Television of Afghanistan announced that, until now, at least 1000 Afghan Shiites – arrived in Iran as refugees and sent to Syria – lost their lives fighting for Damascus.

Khamenei’s representative to Basij: “The Supreme Leader wants the continuation of the house arrest for Mousavi and Karroubi”

Source: Digarban

Hojatoleslam Toyserkani, Iran Supreme Leader representative to the Basij, denied any change of ideas of Ali Khamenei on the destiny of the leaders of the Green Movement. Hojatoleslam Toyserkani added that the Supreme Leader, personally, supports the continuation of the house arrests for Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the two leaders of the protest movement, repressed by the regime between 2009 and 2011. The two are under house arrest since February 2011, without any formal charge and without a fair trial.


Must See: Iranian woman puts make up on to look like a boy, to enter in the stadium!

Source: My Steathy Freedom

Here a great video of rebellion: an Iranian woman, decided to puts make up on to look like a masculine, in order to enter in a stadium and playing soccer with men. She wrote that, the boys realized that she was a girl, but they respected her so much that she decided to remove the make up!

Video: Iranian security forces tried to arrest MP Mahmoud Sadeghi!

Source: Youtube,, BBC Persian, Middle East Institute

Below the video in which it is possible to see the Iranian security forces, trying to arrested the reformist MP Mahmoud Sadeghi. Now, it is not clear if they succeeded, the news are very confusing: some other Iranian MPs arrived at the home of Sadeghi, in order to avoid his arrest. In Twitter, people are saying that the two parts are trying to reach a compromise. In the days before, Mahmoud Sadeghi accused directly the head of the judiciary system, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, of owning 63 personal bank accounts, and of having systematically profited from his governmental position.

Iranian MP ready to open an inquiry against a Minister with family in Italy

Source: Digarban, Good Morning Iran

Few days ago the Iranian MP Hussein Ali Haji Degana announced the arrest of 12 officials with double citizenship, all accused of spying for the enemy. In that occasion, he also mentioned an Iranian Minister with wife and son in Italy. Now, Hussein Ali Haji Degana is continuing to push on Rouhani on this issue, announcing the intention to open a special inquiry on this Minister (in Iran all are aware that he is speaking about the Minister of Industry Reza-Nematzadeh). The Iranian MP asked to Rouhani to receive more information on the case, denouncing that the family of the Minister could have already obtained the Italian citizenship, or will obtain it soon.


Iran will host International Conference in support of “Palestinian Intifada”

Source: Khabar Online

The Iranian reformist MP Mostafa Kavekabian, announced that Iran will host the 6th International Conference in support of “Palestinian Intifada”, in March 2017. He added that, the organizers will create five “specialized commissions”, in order to prepare the Conference. It is necessary to add that the Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei published nine reasons on why Israel needs to disappear, and publicly said that the “Zionist regime”, will be wiped out in 25 years. Khamenei also added that Iran needs to arm not only Gaza, but also the West Bank.




Iran Basij Commander reaffirms: “Within 10 years Israel will disappear”

Source: Mashregh News

Speaking in front of students, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, commander of the Iranian Basij said that he “hope that within 10 years, Israel will disappear. In any case, within 2025, there will be no Israeli”. He also added that, despite the American anti Iranian activities, “now we see the Islamic Revolution in Beirut” (referring to the election of Michael Aoun to the Lebanese Presidency).


Mashhad Friday prayers’ leader: “EU office in Iran will be a house of spies”

Source: Radio Farda

Mashhad Friday prayers’ leader Ahmad Alamolhoda strongly attacked the idea of Rouhani’s Government, to open an office of EU in Tehran. While from the Iranian MFA are arriving controversial information, from the religious establishment the reaction is very negative. Speaking in public, Mashhad Friday prayers’ leader Ahmad Alamolhoda said that an office of EU in Iran, will be only a “house of spies and Western influence”. He also added that, the proposal of the FATF to normalize the relations with the Islamic Republic, goes against the interests of Iranian allies, like Hezbollah and Bashar al Assad.