Rare: Italian FM criticized the Iranian violation of the “spirit” of the nuclear deal

Source: Al-Arabiya

In a rare move, the Italian Foreign Minister Alfano criticized Iran, regarding the respect of the nuclear deal. Speaking to the press agency ANSA, Alfano said that – despite Tehran did not violate the agreement – the missile tests represent a “violation of the spirit of the JCPOA”. His words arrive after the strong support to the deal given by Federica Mogherini and by the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. The words of Alfano, probably, are the effect of the joint declaration signed by UK, France and Germany on October 13, in which the three European countries expressed “concerns about Iran’s ballistic missile programme and regional activities that also affect our European security interests”. More: Italy is going toward the new election, and maybe Alfano – who runs a centrist party, allied with the left – wants to take a personal distance from the Government unquestioned support to the Iranian nuclear deal.


Iranian security forces deployed around the residence of ex President Ahmadinejad

Source: dolatebahar.com

The Iranian website Doletbahar.com, close to Ahmadinejad, revealed that the in area of the resident of the former President, were deployed members of the security forces and the intelligence. The website did not give more information, at least for the moment. In the meantime, from the same website, Ahmadinejad published a special message to the IRGC, after the speech of US President Trump. In his message, Ahmadinejad praised the Revolutionary Guards, and their attitude to sacrifices and martyrdom.

Intelligence report: Iran tried to acquire illegal nuclear technology in Germany 32 times!

Source: mik.nrw.de

An intelligence report published on the website of the Interior Ministry of the German Lander of North Rine-Westphalia, revealed that – in 2016 – Iran has tried to acquire illegal nuclear technology 32 times only in this region. Tehran tried to overcome the rules, using front companies based in countries like United Arab Emirates, Turkey and China.
The report also revealed that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence – MOIS – has focused its activity in Germany following the actions of the Iranian opposition’s groups, especially the Mojahedin-e Khalq, also known as MeK.

Breaking news: Daughter of Iranian head of judiciary system accused of spying for embassies of UK, New Zealand and Italy!

Source: al-Arabiya, Amad News

An Iranian website, Amadnews.org, published two documents in which it is written that Zahara Larijani, the daughter of Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani – head of Iranian Judiciary system – was a spy. In the documents it is written that Zahara, a supporter of the Green Wave Movement, has passed (for more than two years) important documents to the embassies of UK, New Zealand and Italy. Because of this reason, Zahara was arrested by the IRGC Intelligence division, and questioned about the details of her relations with foreign embassies (especially the relations with UK). It seems that this is also the reason of the regime’s intention to close the social network Telegram: despite the requests, Telegram refused to close a pro-Green Wave channels, which has also published information about the Zahara Larijani.
Clearly, all the Iranian political establishment denied the news, and called all the story a “big lie”. The information was also denied by the Intelligence Minister Alawi and the head of IRGC Intelligence Division, Hossein Taib.
This is the second big scandal for Ayatollah Larijani: one year ago he was accused by a reformist journalist of “financial corruption”, for having 63 personal accounts in different banks.

Brother of Iranian Vice President arrested

Source: al-Arabiya.net

Iranian media reported that the brother of the Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri was arrested. Mehdi Jahangiri, a businessman, is accused of financial corruption. He is the head of the Iranian Tourism Finance Group and serves also as Vice President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. On July 2017, with similar charges, was arrested the brother of President Rouhani, Hossein Fereydoun.

Who finances Hezbollah?

Source: alwatannews.net

The US think tank Foundation for Defense Democracy (FDD), has published a report about who finances the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. The firs financer, as well known, is Iran, which gives around $ 800 million every year. Another financer is Venezuela, who facilitates the drug trafficking of Hezbollah, supported also by Shia communities in America Latina. But, between who gave money to the Party of God, there is also Qatar, who gave to Hezbollah $ 300 million in 2009. FDD denounces that Hezbollah used the Lebanese bank system for its money laundering, especially to “clean” the money received from the drug trafficking.

Afghani Official: “Iran continues to finance the Taliban”

Source: ufuqnews.com

Another time, an Afghani official accused Iran – and Pakistan – to continue the assistance to Taliban fighters, with the goal to destabilize the country. Abudl Ghani Noori, head of Zer Koh District, denounced that Pakistani and Iranian clerics are giving money to Taliban in Shindand. He also add that, there, there are between 200 and 400 Taliban militans, and asked for a strong action of the Afghan security forces, against terrorism in Shindand.

Iran deploys tanks and Pasdaran in the Kurdistan Province

Source: Facebook PDKI

Despite the words of Ali Shamkhani, who said that Tehran is not worried about the pro independence protests in the Iranian Kurdistan, the regime has decided to deploy tanks and Pasdaran in the Kurdish cities. The PDKI – Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan – published a video and pictures of the deployment on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.