Iran: explosion in the underground base of the Pasdaran during a missile test!


Yesterday there was a strong explosion in the city of Sarpol-e Zahab, which is the capital of Sarpol-e Zahab County, in Kermanshah Province. Despite the regime denial, it seems that the explosion was provoked by a failed IRGC ballistic missile test, in one of the two underground missile bases of the Revolutionary Guards.


Rumors from Iran: Supreme Leader Khamenei hospitalized!


There are rumors arriving from Iran about the hospitalization of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. From the few information that it is possible to have now, if they are real, Khamenei was admitted in an hospital of the capital Tehran, in the intensive care department. No information about the name of the hospital in which Khamenei is hospitalized. The Iranian supreme leader, who is 78, was already hospitalized in 2014 and it is well known that his health situation is not good. The succession to Khamenei could lead the country to a political war between the different factions.

Now Iran accuses the family of Saddam Hussein of being behind the IranProtests…

Source: al-Arabiya

Speaking with the journalists, the Spokesman of the Pasdaran Ramadan Sharif, said that the family of ex Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, is involved in inciting the protests inside Iran. He added that also the United States, the Great Britan and the MEK are responsible for the protests.

Seven Afghan Shiites killed in Syria and buried in Iran. Until now 2,000 Afghan Shiites killed for Assad!

Source: RT Arabic, BBC Persian

The Iranian media have reported that 7 Afghan Shiites, killed in Syria, have been buried in Iran. They were part of the so called Fatemiyoun Division, composed only by Afghan Shiites foreign fighters, financed and trained by the Pasdaran. Recently, an official of the Fatemiyoun Division has revealed that 2000 Afghan Shiites have been killed in Syria until now, and 8000 were injured.

Video: Rafsanjani called Khamenei’s nomination as Supreme Leader as “temporary”

Source: Youtube

In a video which is circulating a lot in this period in the social media, it is possible to see a discussion during the nomination of Ali Khamenei as Iranian Supreme Leader (June 3, 1989). In the video, it is possible to listen Khamenei admitting that he was not appropriate for that position, both for religious and constitutional reasons. More important, it is possible to listen Ayatollah Rafsanjani, blocking the debate and imposing the vote, while saying that the nomination of Khamenei would be only for a “temporary period”, waiting for a referendum. Twenty-nine years after, Khamenei is still the Iranian Supreme Leader…

The crazy conspiracy theory that Iranian regime has created to delegitimize Iran protests!

Source: Mehr News Arabic

Today Mehr News, very close to the Iranian IRGC, published a very interesting article, in which it reveals the regime’s conspiracy theory, used to delegitimize the recent popular protests. According to this article, behind the protests there is the Israeli secret service Mossad. In the last two years, writes the author, the Mossad was in contact with an Iranian man called “Amir”, who was living in the Iraqi Kurdistan. The Iranian intelligence discovered the contact and arrested Amir. But, instead of publishing the news, the Iranian intelligence preferred to “replace the Mossad’s contact, giving to the Israeli secrete service another “Amir”. The article writes that Mossad did not realize the trap, and continued to communicate with this double agent. The article also says that there as an intermediary person between the Mossad and Amir, who was a Turkish journalist. This person was discovered by the Turkish intelligence three months ago and arrested (the person confessed his relations with Mossad). The goal of this cell was to plan disturbances in Iran and to provide information.
For the Iranian press agency, this story demonstrates that the Iranian protests were all organized from outside and that they tried to “activate sedition and chaos” in the country. The article also reports that, in order to manage the demonstration inside Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia have formed an “operating room” in the Iraqi city of Ardabil, while United States have formed two operating rooms, one in Herat and another in Erbil.

Iran: Despite IRGC’s chief announcement, hundreds of demonstrators protested in Isfahan

Source: Youtube

Despite the announcement of Ali Jafari, head of IRGC, who said that the “sedition was finished”, videos from Iran showed hundreds of people protesting against the regime in Isfahan. Another time, the protest was not only for the economic crisis, but also for the regime’s political position: as it is possible to see in the video, the demonstrators chanted the slogan “No Gaza, No Lebanon, my life for Iran”.

Arab media: Qatar paid 2 billion dollars to support Iranian crushing of popular protests!

Source: Okaz; Qatarileaks

Arab media, close to Saudi Arabia’s positions, are accusing Qatar of having not only politically supported the Iranian regime, but also on having materially helped Tehran to crush the popular protests. In particular, different articles in Arabic are accusing the Qatari Emir, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, of having paid two billion dollars to Tehran, to support the repression of the demonstrations

Ex Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki describes #Iranprotests as an “internal affairs”, while praising Khamenei…

Source: Facebook

<p align="justify"The former Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki, who is very close to the Tehran's regime, spoke for the first time about the protest in Iran. al-Maliki said that what its happening in Iran is an internal affair, and condemned who is trying to exploit the disorders and the confusion. He added that his party condemns any foreign meddling in the Iranian affairs, and expressed his loyalty to Khamenei.

Must see: Shocking video of Iranian IRGC shooting against demonstrators

Source: PDKI Facebook Page

On the top, a video which arrives from Iranian province of Lorestan, in which it is possible to see civil protestors, rescuing demonstrators wounded by the Pasdaran. Below, another video coming from Iran, in which the demonstrators asked to the policemen to join the protest!