Iranian leader rejected Macron’s proposal to review the nuclear deal

Source: Tasnim News

The Iranian leaders have rejected the Macron’s proposal to review the nuclear deal. All the important officials, reacted to French President’s proposal, underlining that the JCPOA is unchangeable. The Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif wrote a tweet in English saying that “a better deal is fantasy”, while Ali Akbar Velayati, top aide of the Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, said that Tehran “under no circumstances”, will accept new talks on the JCPOA, and that his country will not accept any other proposal. Emanuel Macron suggested to review the nuclear deal, in order to resolve all concerns regarding the Iranian missile program, which Tehran considers not part of the nuclear deal.


Iranian official: “In case of independence, we will close the border with Kurdistan”


The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, threatened to “close the border with Kurdistan region of Iraq and ending all the security agreement with KRG”, if Erbil will declare the independence. Shamkhani underlined that, for Tehran, the only recognized entity is the unified State of Iraq, represented by the Government in Baghdad

Iran and Qatar are collaborating to support the Taliban in Afghanistan

Source: al-Arabiya

Iran and Qatar are working together, in order to support the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is going ahead since the time that, in 2013, Doha permitted to the Taliban to open an official office in Qatar, provoking the angry of ex President of Afghanistan Karzai. For its part, Tehran permitted to Qatar’s institutions, to act freely in the Afghani province of Farah, which is close to the border with Iran. Covered by humanitarian proposes, charities like “Al Gharafa”, have transferred to the Taliban money and other needs. For many Arab experts, this would be impossible without the Iranian silence support. Charge de affairs at the Saudi Embassy in Kabul, Mishari Al-Harbi, denounced the collaboration between Doha and Tehran in support of the Taliban, and asked the closure of the Taliban’s office in Qatar.

Unnamed Iranian official: “The corruption inside the IRGC is drowning the country”

Source: Sky News Arabic

An unnamed Iranian official, revealed the harsh internal fight between the faction of the President Rouhani and the Pasdaran. The local official, denounced that the economic and financial influence of the Revolutionary Guards, is hurting the Iranian economy. This, especially because the level of corruption inside the Pasdaran is very high, but the IRGC’s companies are inside all the national economic sectors. The economic wealthy of the IRGC is estimated around more than $ 100 billion (the main important company owned by the IRGC is the holding Khatam al-Anbiya, which is an economic empire). Recently, one General of the IRGC was arrested for corruption, but was soon released on bail.
In the last months, considering the high level of unemployment in Iran, many citizens complained about the billions spent by the country in order to maintain its intervene in Syria and Iraq. Despite the political clash, the Iranian President Rouhani has increased the amount of the national budget destined to the missile program, which is directly controlled by the IRGC

Nasrallah reveals: “I’ve convinced Khamenei to intervene in Syria”

Source: arabi21

Speaking in the annual event in the occasion of the preparation of the Ashura, the Secretary of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, revealed that he was the person who convinced the Iranian Supreme Leader, to intervene in Syria. It seems that, meeting Khamenei in Tehran, Nasrallah warned him that the end of the Assad’s regime, will mean not only the fight in Hermel, Baalbek, Dahiya, Ghazieh and Bekaa, but also inside Iran, in particular in areas like Kerman, Khuzestan and Tehran.
The words of Nasrallah remind what was said by IRGC Vice Commander, Hossein Salami, few months ago. Speaking in a TV interview – see the video in Farsi on the top – Salami said that Iran decided to act in Syria, in order to defend its foothold in the Mediterranean region. Because, losing Syria, will mean losing the chain which connects the front between Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Iraq: Hezbollah tried to kill Shia cleric Fadhil al-Bedeiri [Video]

Source: al-Arabiya

Iraqi Shia cleric, Ayatollah Fadhil al-Bedeiri was hospitalized in al-Sader Teaching Hospital in Najaf, after a failed attempt to kill him by Hezbollah supporters. The Ayatollah denounced that he was attacked by an armed group on Tuesday night, and that this group throw grenades against his convoy. Ayatollah Fadhil al-Bedeiri recently criticized the agreement between Lebanese Army – Hezbollah and Isis. The Shia cleric, speaking from the hospital, added that, since his attack to Hezbollah’s pact with Isis, he received a number of threatening messages from supporters of Hezbollah.

Iranian female supporters forced to support Assad in order to enter in the Stadium!


As well known, the Iranian regime denies the permission to the women to enter in the stadium. The same prohibition was applied during the last match between Iran and Syria in Tehran. The regime allowed the Syrian female supporters to enter in the stadium, forcing them to wear the veil (despite one of them was pictured inside the stadium without the veil). On the contrary, the regime has denied the entering to the Iranian female supporters. But, the security, told to the Iranian female supporters that they would be allowed to enter in the stadium – with the veil – if they would carry the flag of Syria and a picture of Bashar al Assad. Some of the Iranian female supporters accepted in order to overcome the law, while others have rejected the proposal, protesting also via social networks against, what they called, a “betrayal of Iran”.

Videos of anti-regime protests during the funeral of Ebrahim Yazdi!

Source: Youtube

Below two videos taken during the funeral of Ebrahim Yazdi, former Foreign Minister, and influential dissident politician. As well known, Yazdi resigned as Foreign Minister, in protest against the Khomeini’s support to the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Teheran. Because of his opposition, in the subsequent years, Yazdi was persecuted by the regime and also condemned to eight years in jail in 2012. During the funeral of Ebrahim Yazdi, many partecipants used the occasion to protest against the regime, chanting slogans in favor of Mir Hossein Mousavi and asking the release of all political prisoners.