Iran MP Mohammad Dehghan: “Isis has infiltrated our intelligence services”

Source: al-Arabiya; Mehr News

In an interview with the Iranian press agency Mehr News, the Iranian MP Mohammad Dehghan, launched harsh accuses against the intelligence. Speaking about the two terrorist attacks of Tehran – happened on June 7 – Dehghan revelaed that there was a secret meeting held by the Iranian parliament. In this meeting, it was denounced that the terrorists had infiltrated the Iranian intelligence. He even added that “some elements of the Iranian security system have cooperated with Isis”. The infiltration is also demonstrated for Mohammad Dehghan, by the fact that it would be impossible to carry out these attacks, without the cooperation of entities working within the country, especially inside the Iranian intelligence service. For these reasons, Mohammad Dehghan asked to the Iranian Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi, to explain what happened.
It is important to add that the official version given by the Iranian Minister of intelligence about the responsible of the attacks – four people wearing women’s clothing – was contradicted by the videos published online (also one published by media close to Isis). On the social networks, many Iranian activists are accusing the regime for the attacks: one of the terrorists, named Sarias Sadeghi, was previously arrested by the intelligence for his activity in favor of Isis in the Iranian region of Kurdistan. He was after released and was also free to travel in Syria and Iraq. For these activists, the attacks were the result of a short circuit in the relations between the Iranian regime, and the Sunni radicalism.


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