Very sad: Mother of Iranian hero Akbar Amini faints after meeting her son in prison (Photo)

Source: Radio Mehr Iran, Go Petition


Below the dramatic picture of the mother of the hero Akbar Amini, Iranian Prisoner of conscience, few minutes after she fainted following a meeting with her son in prison. Who is Akbar Amini? Early in the morning on February 14, 2011, the day of mass pro-democracy protests in Iran, a man climbed atop a crane in Tehran, wearing a green head band, holding a long piece of green cloth and picture of himself. He was arrested and taken to prison. That man is Akbar Amini, who in late 2013 began serving a five-year prison sentence.  Akbar Amini’s cell mate says Akbar is known as the “Crane” among other prisoners. Even the prison football and volleyball teams that Akbar plays on is called “Crane”. Akbar Amini, like many other Iranians, went out on the street after the rigged presidential election in June of 2009 to ask “Where Is My Vote”.

Please, sign the petition to Free immediately Akbar Amini:





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